Monday, December 12, 2011

I Heart Face: Furry Faces

I haven't been posting much; after finishing a busy season of photoshoots and order fulfillment, etc., I'm enjoying some time off with my family and coming up with some changes to my blog, business, and life for the upcoming new year.  I've been SO remiss, actually, that I thought about skipping this challenge, but for some reason, an image popped into my head.  An image I HAD to share with you all...

I recently did a session for a friend whose horse was in declining health with her son, N.  The boy and his horse were thick as thieves and the love between the huge animal and the tiny toddler was just breathtaking to behold... I captured this moment that just perfectly showed how trusting they both are with one another and I loved it from the second I saw it in my camera. 

I can barely look at the images from that session; just days later, they had to send their beloved pony home to rest forever and I just cry because her passing is SUCH a huge loss to anyone who loves animals.  She was truly a part of their family and a gigantic part of N's life. 

Entering this photo isn't about the "contest"... it's about sharing this moment... because I was so fortunate that they shared it with me.

I love my job.