Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lillie :: Senior Model Class of 2013 | Chattanooga Senior Portrait Photographer

Kicking off my season this year, I started out with the lovely Lillie with her senior modeling session.  She is one of my reps this year, so her session was meant to be fun, capture her personality, and get some great images. 

Oh. My. Word.  Right out of the gates, Lillie was fantastic at taking direction and had a knack for knowing how to interact with the camera.  She let her poses flow naturally and had a grace and ease about her that really made her session fun from start to finish.

I was SUPER excited when she told me she was going to go with a boho chic look.  I had been eying a couple of pretty locations with great light and interesting textures for a while and just hoping one of my girls would give it a shot.  Normally big prints don't work super well for photos, but the big graphic on her flowy dress was just enough color to make a big statement without being overwhelming.
The blue was great with her eyes, which are so, so beautiful.

You can see her gorgeous class ring in some of these shots and even that was awesome - understated and elegant.  VERY awesome.
I love Lillie's sense of adventure.  Snuggle up to a rusty pipe thingy?  Sure!  Stomp around an abandoned shoe factory at dawn? Sure!  Climb this sketchy ladder?  No problem!  I couldn't have asked for an easier girl to work with if I had thought for days about what I'd want in a model.

At this point, I also feel I need to give her mom a giant shout-out; she was my assistant and worked the reflector like a pro!  She was so patient with my constant, "a little more to the left" directions and never complained about lugging it around!

I honestly can't think of a better way to start out the season than by working with Lillie.  Seriously.  She rocks.  The only drawback is getting spoiled right out of the gates...
...But I can think of way worse things to endure!