Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Heart Faces Challenge

I didn't blog a sneak peek for Vandy's shoot because I turned around her images so quickly - from shoot to website was a mere day - I was so excited about the photos I captured and couldn't get enough of her daughters' beautiful faces and sweet personalities.  I had so many, many favorites from that day and I'll post them soon, but I wanted to put this one in particular out there because I fell in love with her youngest daughter's wistful, innocent gaze.  Not only was this my favorite shot, but it seems to be a fan favorite as well. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Shalena Sneak Peek

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing a good friend of mine and her three adorable, spunky, sweet, well-behaved kiddos yesterday at an incredible day - perfect weather, perfect setting, perfect companionship!  I loved, loved, LOVED every minute of this session!

I loved this curious, energetic, independent little doll!

I loved the confidence she exuded - I still can't believe she wasn't a model at some point in her life!

This little guy gave me the greatest smiles and was a fantastic listener!  (I secretly hope my kiddo becomes as easy-going a 5-year-old as he is!)

Big brother here was about the sweetest thing I've ever seen with his missing teeth and adventurous spirit.  He spent most of the day running from one place to another, pausing here and there to flash his toothless grin my way and make me laugh. 

And each one of them is full of love for the others.  I captured so many fun, sweet moments yesterday... I couldn't stop smiling as I tabbed through the images with my cup of coffee after my whole family had gone to bed.  I can't believe how fulfilling this "job" is - I can't believe how blessed I am to get to know these people and how firmly they imprint themselves in my mind with each snap of my shutter.  I can't imagine NOT being a photographer now - my life is so much more enriched for going down this path and I am forever grateful to the people who make it possible!

Thanks, Shalena and family, for working with me!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Infant Goodness

I LOVE infants!  I love my infants (this particular one is 2 months old now!) and I love other folks' infants and I love photographing infants and snuggling them and watching them grow up...

Is that weird?

I just need some other infant models to round out my portfolio.  Any one know anyone who has a squishy, sweet-smelling, bright-eyed, delicious infant they'd like to lend to my camera for a little bit?  I promise I won't spend the WHOLE time singing to and swaying with the baby... unless Mom and Dad want me to!  And for now, while my baby is still little, I promise I won't be begging to bring the babe home with me (though, give it a few more months and I betcha I'll have the fever again!)...

Gah!  Babies!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Thursday, May 5, 2011

And Away We Go...

Well, here we go, Ladies and Gentlemen.  I've taken the plunge and decided to follow my heart into the world of professional photography. 

Inspired by my brother to look at a camera differently... Inspired by my children to capture not just the moments but the essence and the emotions that string together to comprise a childhood... Inspired by your support and faith in me... Inspired by my husband's confidence in me... and inspired by God's unending beauty... I am inspired, and I hope I can bring that inspiration to my clients and make them more than my clients and develop friendships along the way.

So please, enjoy my journey with me - I'd love it if you would and I'll try to make it fun!

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